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Model:  XWFKIT1
Part Number:  XWFKIT1


In stock


  • 2.4Ghz Frequency

  • Up to 1.2km (with additional antenna)

  • 12V DC - Terminal Strip

  • Current - 260mA

  • PSU Supplied

  • Video Connection - 1x Phono Input

  • Audio Connection - 1x Phono Inputs

  • Antenna - RP SMA Female

  • Unit Size-115 x 80 x 25mm 

The VideoMitter Lites are a break through in the transmission of video signals. 

By digitising the video & audio signals, far superior performance can be achieved in transmission distance and received image & audio quality. 

The VideoMitter Lite also has a useful loopthrough feature. Both the Tx and Rx units have monitor video and audio out phono sockets. This allows you to connect an additional monitor with audio at the camera and DVR end for extra security. 

Simple, effective and low cost, the VideoMitter is an installer’s dream product saving money on cabling and labour with outstanding results. 

This kit includes Tx and Rx unit with antennas, 4 x Phono AV Cables Cand 2 x 12V DC PSUs. 


Digital data transmission for cleaner, sharper images over longer distances 

Privacy pairing function for private video transmission, help comply with the DPA 

Loopthrough function for adding an extra monitor with sound at either end of the transmission 

Handshake routine 2 way reporting for maximum security 

Whisper mode listens for data at a low power for energy efficiency 

* please note to use the VideoMitters at the larger distances you will need to use additional antenna. Compatible with analogue only.