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1-10 Station door entry system complete with lock release

1-10 Station door entry system complete with lock release
1-10 Station door entry system complete with lock release1-10 Station door entry system complete with lock release1-10 Station door entry system complete with lock release

Model:  Bell901
Part Number:  Bell901
Brand:  Bell

Bell system 900

1-10 station door entry system

One of the most popular kits on the market, the Bell 900 kit features a high quality intercom panel manufactured from 3mm anodised aluminium with a brushed finish. The panel can be either surface or flush mounted depending on the requirements of the installation.

The grill covering the speech unit does not compromise audio quality, and the speech unit is securely fixed to the rear of the plate. The entrance panel includes a touch sensitive nameplate, and includes the option to add a tradesman's button. The back box is made from Zintec, which is steel coated in a layer of zinc, preventing tarnishing and damage from rusting.

The kit comes complete with the 801 handset, which is one of the most popular handsets in the UK. Built from high impact ABS plastic it is highly durable and with its smooth finish it is easy to keep clean.

The SPA panels supplied in the 900 kits are a popular choice due to their high durability, resistance to corrosion and low cost. These panels are designed with an attractive and contemporary style and are available surface or flush up to 10 ways. The larger panels are of a more classic style and are available flush fitting only. The model 801 telephone is included as standard in each system. The telephone is manufactured in white high-impact ABS plastic that imparts high durability and complements most wall furnishings.  

With its wide handset the model 801 is especially recommended for the elderly. It incorporates a 'lock release' push-button discreetly positioned on the base, and under the handset, to prevent inadvertent use. The Electronic Ringing Tone has a useful safety feature wherein the tone is reduced when the handset is ‘off the hook’.

Ordering Information Order a model 901 for a complete single station system. For multi-way systems order a model 900 + n, where n is the number of stations, e.g. a model 914 is a complete 14 station system. (For systems above 20 stations please append the code P for inclusion of privacy telephones). For tradesmen entry facility, simply add TR900 to any given system, e.g. a six station system with trades facility is a model 906 +TR900 (A model TS2000-BST time clock is included)

Technical Data:
Panel: 170 (H) x 83 (W) mm
Back box: 159 (H) x 73 (W) x 35 (D) mm

The Bell 901 Kit audio door entry kit includes:
1 x SPA1 door entry panel
1 x 212 - 12V AC 1 Amp. power supply
1 x 801 - audio telephone(s)
1 x 203 - rim lock release (suitable for Yale)


Each 900 series system comprises of; • model 801 telephone, one for each station. • model SPA front door panel. • model 61 speech unit (model 51above 10 ways). • model 203 surface lock release. • model 212 12v AC PSU (model 225 above 10 stations). • full wiring and installation instructions.